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At Crown Peters Travel Service, our team of cruise and luxury travel advisors are experts in the field – we offer superlative value, exclusive bonuses, amenities, and customer service. A cruise enthusiast will tell you that the Mediterranean Sea is one of the world’s most idyllic, scenic, popular cruise destinations. From the ancient ruins of Rome to stunning vistas and culture, the Mediterranean is a true gem with something for everyone.

See the most magical cities in the world.

Rome and its ancient landmarks, like the famous Colosseum, are obvious choices for our cruises to Italy. And then there is the spectacular town of Portofino, perched on the edge of the seaside, nestled inside the Italian Riviera. Portofino, famous for its beauty, offers amazing wine selections offered up at water’s edge while you gaze out over one of the harbor of one of Italy’s most picturesque towns.

Feel like home when you’re far away.

If you’re starting to draw a mental image, it’s because the idea of an exotic paradise that’s also welcoming and familiar is the type of dream vacation tour packages Crown Peters has been offering for almost 50 years. But Greece isn’t our only destination. Barcelona is a unique, dazzling city, with vibrant architecture and a lifestyle to match. The little country of Catalonia is home to the amazing, unfinished Sagrada Familia, by the famous Antonio Gaudi.

We’re your luxury ticket to the world.

Crown Peters has several tour packages available for your every desire – because we can book it! We have several luxury tour packages to locales such as Cyprus, Turkey, and the Greek Islands, as well as your ticket to exotic locations all over the world, often at a fraction of your costs for booking online. Contact us today for more information.

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