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Luxury Cruises

Attention to detail.

Crown Peters Travel Service has been offering extraordinary service to its luxury cruise clientele for nearly half a century. Our name is synonymous with superior packages and service for providing an unforgettable experience in Greece and the Mediterranean. We have two locations in New York, both staffed by exceptional travel professionals who understand the luxury cruise industry, and who pay scrupulous attention to detail.

Visit numerous destinations from the same room.

At Crown Peters, we offer spectacular cruises from 3-night excursions into Greece and Turkey, to 7-night luxury marathons – we have it all through the exclusive deals we get from Louis Cruises. We offer you the flexibility to travel anywhere in the world, including our specialty, the Mediterranean. Luxury vacation packages can help you travel to numerous destinations around the world, sometimes in one trip, and the best part is that Crown Peters Travel Service can meet, and often beat, any online competitor’s rates. You can travel on cruises around the world at a fraction of the cost, go on destination weddings with very little headache, travel in retirement at your leisure, and Crown Peters can help make it happen.

Easier than you think.

“Affordable luxury” sounds like a contradiction in terms – but not for Crown Peters Travel Service. Affordable vacation planning is possible with us. Our knowledgeable travel agents can help you plan the most affordable travel package with helpful payment options, so you, too, can have the luxury cruise vacation your heart desires.

Book your luxury cruise with the experts.

Crown Peters has two locations in New York, both staffed with exceptional travel professionals who take pride in every part of the work we do, and who are especially suited to providing scrupulous attention to detail for your travel plans – we’re well traveled ourselves. With over 15,000 vacationers satisfied that their Mediterranean voyages were everything they hoped for, we hope you’ll join us for your next luxury cruise vacation. Contact one of our travel agents today, and let us plan your perfect vacation.

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Our company vision has always been clear. We don’t look to provide you with a vacation; we are looking to provide you with many unforgettable experiences.

Gregory Alexander

Crown Peters President

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